FUEL yourself with purpose & love

What is a

FUELed mala?

A mala consists of 108 beads traditionally used in meditation. The guru bead, the large bead at the end of the mala is a reminder of the intention one sets. FUELed malas can be used in your meditation practice, worn for the healing energy or as a reminder of your intention. Each mala necklace or bracelet is cleansed and then charged through the energy of Reiki. Each crystal has healing properties and this is enhanced through the energy programmed for each mala. Choose your intention, choose your mala. 

creating fueled malas

During my Yoga training, I was introduced to malas  and began to integrate them into my daily meditations. I had already been benefiting from the healing energy of crystals in my journey and the mala I created in training furthered my healing and desire. 

As I began to share my love of crystals and malas, I found myself purchasing them for loved ones. And ultimately charging them with intentions once I was Reiki trained. Now, I wish to share my creative spirit of making malas and spreading purpose and love with healing energy to everyone. 

FUELED Malas are for you to set your intentions, to share energy as a gift & further your journey with purpose  & love.